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Homeless Advice is an online resource to help homeless people with helpful information and to educate society about the lives of people living on the streets. All articles posted here have been written by an ex-homeless person who knows exactly what it's like to be homeless and how to survive on the streets for long periods of time. If you're new to living as a homeless person, the answers to most of your questions should be found in the many articles and stories posted here.

Latest Guides

How Much Do Panhandlers Make?

The crazy amounts of money that homeless panhandlers make each day.

Why Are People Homeless?

The different factors that can cause a regular person to become homeless.

Why Do Homeless People Live in Cities?

The three key reasons why homeless people prefer to live in big cities.

Why Do Homeless People Go to the Library?

The top reasons why so many homeless people frequent libraries.

September's Featured Guide

homeless shelter

How Homeless Shelters Work

The In's and Out's of homeless shelters and how they really work if you've never been to one.

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