Browse any of the following guides if you need information about homeless people or how to live as a homeless person. New guides are added daily.

Why Are Homeless People Fat?

The truth as to why so many homeless people are fat or overweight.

Where to Sleep When You're Homeless

The best tips on where to sleep if you're on the streets without a bed or home to go to.

Can Homeless People Get Jobs?

The reality of being homeless and looking for a job in today's weak economy.

How Homeless Shelters Work

The In's and Out's of homeless shelters and how they really work if you've never been to one.

What Do Homeless People Do All Day?

Information on where homeless people spend their time during the day when everybody else is at work.

Are Homeless People Lazy?

The truth about homeless people and their reputation for being lazy.

Can Homeless People Go to the Hospital?

A guide on how to get medical care from hospitals when you don't have money or medical insurance to cover you.

Where Do Homeless People Get Their Mail?

How to receive mail when you're homeless and have no home address or mailbox.

How Do Homeless People Shave?

A guide on how and where homeless people shave their faces when living on the streets.

Why Are Homeless People Vulnerable?

How being on the streets makes you more vulnerable to violence, the law, and other dangers.

Why Do Homeless People Go to the Library?

The top reasons why so many homeless people frequent libraries.

Why Do Homeless People Live in Cities?

The three key reasons why homeless people prefer to live in big cities.

Why Are People Homeless?

The different factors that can cause a regular person to become homeless.

How Much Do Panhandlers Make?

The crazy amounts of money that homeless panhandlers make each day.

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