Donate does not accept donations, but if you'd like to donate somewhere to help disadvantaged people in the United States or abroad, we recommend all of the charities and organizations listed below.

"As an agnostic, I don't believe in any particular god and I have no religion. Regardless of this, the following two organizations helped me get back on my feet even though they were created by Christians and are still focused around the Christian religion. The Salvation Army and City Team Ministries provided me with hot food, showers, and a place to sleep at night when I needed it. Without donations from the public, this wouldn't have been possible and there's no telling where I would be without them. So if you'd like to donate to any organizations to help the homeless out, here's two that you can donate to in order to help out the residents who frequent these places."
- CJ (Founder of

Salvation Army (a non-profit organization)
The Salvation Army has shelters and services for the homeless in every state in the USA. They are easily the most well-known charity for the needy and recently ranked in the top 10 list for You can donate money to them online or donate goods or belongings to them in person. They will even pick up certain bulky donations if you're unable to drop them off at one of their locations. If you'd like to volunteer to help them out during busy times in person, you can contact any of their local offices directly and schedule a time that works for you.
Donate to the Salvation Army

Cityteam International (a non-profit organization)
Cityteam is headquartered in San Jose, California and recently changed their name from Cityteam Ministries to Cityteam International, possibly to reflect future plans of expanding across the globe. As of present, they have most of their branches located along the West Coast of the United States, with one branch in Philadelphia. They provide meals, beds, clothing, and other services to homeless people in the Bay Area and elsewhere. You can donate to them in a number of different ways, including over the phone. You can also volunteer either during regular hours or on holidays.
Donate to Cityteam International

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