July 2018

A row of tents are set up beneath a bridge.

Why Do Homeless People Live Under Bridges?

When most people think of bridges and what’s found under them, only two things normally come to mind and that’s trolls and homeless people. Trolls, while not real, have their place in mythical folklore which…

Many tents are set up in a city homeless encampment

Where Do the Homeless Get Tents

Having a tent when you’re homeless and sleeping on the streets is almost a necessity. It can provide protection from the elements and other people, as well as a feeling of seclusion that many humans…

A cold man sits with a blanket wrapped around his body.

Why Do Homeless People Avoid Shelters?

Have you ever noticed how homeless people tend to sleep outside, even when you hear about local shelters offering beds and a safe place for them to sleep at night? Maybe you’re reading this because…